Atlas Home Buyers Testimonials

Check out a few of our clients and what they have had to say!

If selling your mom’s house and departing with memories was not stressful enough Atlas made the entire experience stress free. My wife and I are so thankful for them…

We were not sure how to proceed. We received numerous offers from other home buying companies. Many promised offers that I knew were too high. When we spoke with Brandon, my wife and I felt a connection. We felt he was realistic in his offer to us, and he did agree to up the offer after we told him our situation. My mom was in a Memory Care facility, and we needed the money to help pay the cost of her care.

Working with Atlas Home Buyers was a pleasure and I sincerely mean that. My wife and I could not have asked for a better experience in the stressful situation we were going through. Brandon, Elizabeth, and Amber were professional and caring. Communication between Atlas and us was outstanding.

They stood out because of their honesty, integrity, communication, and we felt a genuine caring for us.

Given the chance, we would work with them again in a heartbeat.

Steve & Valerie Griggs

- Jacksonville, FL

It is intuitively obvious that Atlas cares! Quite refreshing in today’s society

I initially went to a local realtor. She explained the process to me, and provided me with an estimated sale price. In order to have that price, I would need to obtain a new roof (although she said the roof was likely good for another 3 years) and air conditioner. She also indicated that I would have to pay closing costs and her commission. I would also have to have my tenant available for the realtor to set up potential buyers showings. But then I connected with Atlas Home Buyers.

The entire process from start to finish was professional, seamless, and smooth. I was given updates every step of the way, what was promised is what was given to me. The entire team was courteous, professional and always available to me. They were attentive, and demonstrated through actions that they truly cared!

They are the standard for professionalism and what businesses should do for their clients!

Professionalism, attention to detail, always informing us of the next step, and truthfulness! It is intuitively obvious that your company cares! Quite refreshing in today’s society.

I absolutely would work with them again, and I have already recommended you to a friend.

William "Bill" Markille

- Palm Harbor, FL

Persistence and professionalism…

From my initial contact with Brandon, to the final closing, Atlas team members were always courteous and professional and addressed any questions I had about the process or schedule.

Persistence and professionalism. Brandon is an outstanding team member. He was persistent enough to ask what we could do to make a deal, even when my initial asking price was too high, instead of just bailing out (like others that contacted me). He was also professional enough to not come back to me with a ridiculous lowball offer. The way Brandon handled himself in getting our deal orchestrated is exactly how I used to do it and what allowed me to be comfortable enough to continue the negotiations.

William "Doug" Watts

- Tampa, FL

I personally know that Atlas will be happy to help you find a solution for any real estate needs you have.

Atlas Home Buyers is a company who is serious about their real-estate business and providing viable solutions for their clients. Their commitment and dedication to implementing a process that has worked thousands of times nationally speaks for itself.

I personally know that they will be happy to help you find a solution for any real estate needs you have. They exude professionalism, integrity, good character, and putting the client’s first and foremost. They have committed to providing real estate solutions for everyone in the area and improving their community. If you are looking to solve any real estate problem look no further than the team at Atlas Home Buyers who has the resources, commitment, and most importantly the integrity to help you.


Bob McIntosh